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Special Holiday Prices!

$59 for 60 minutes

$89 for 90 minutes


Massage Therapy Services

Swedish: A relaxing full body massage. Client is unclothed on a table, massaged with oil and covered by a sheet. Your session consists of long fluid strokes, pressing, kneading and rubbing your muscles. This modality is excellent for alleviating aches and pains, releasing toxins and improving your circulation. When you feel the need to be pampered, Swedish is the best choice for you. 

Shiatsu:  A Japanese full body massage on the floor. I incorporate this style massage on a table. No sheets or oil are needed. Please wear loose comfortable clothing. Your session consists of thumb pressure, gentle stretching and joint mobility to release muscle tightness to increase your range of motion. Also known as Pressure Point Massage, this holistic modality promotes self healing by balancing your body's energy, heightening your awareness and creating an overall sense of well being.

Deep Tissue: A deeper, more clinical type of full body massage. Client is unclothed on a table, massaged with oil and covered by a sheet. Your session consists of pinning, separating and realigning muscle groups with slow focused penetrating strokes. In addition to hands, I use my forearms and elbows for extra pressure. This method is designed to target problematic area's (i.e. knots and tension). It is more intense than other types of massages, but I am careful not to go beyond your threshold of pain. Soreness is common the following day.

Tissue Density Restoration (TDR): A clinical non full body massage based upon the theory that every pain in the musculoskeletal system is closely related to the elevation of tissue density. Client is unclothed on a table, massaged with oil and covered by a sheet. This massage is based on seven principles that target only specific areas of tension to help loosen and soften your muscles back normal density therefore pain is resolved.

Sports: A vigorous athletic full body massage. Client is unclothed on a table, massaged with oil and covered by a sheet. This faster paced massage is usually done before, during or after strenuous activity to help heal minor injuries and prevent further ones. Your session consists of jostling, beating, compressing and stretching your muscles to maximize their performance. This modality drains away fatigue, pain, swelling and relieves muscle cramps. If you play sports or are active at the gym, Sports massage is the one for you.

Combination: A full body massage combining all of the techniques I described above. Client is unclothed on a table, massaged with oil and covered with a sheet. Relax and rejuvenate with a more customized session to fit all your needs. My most popular request.

Prices, Hours & Location


Available: Monday - Friday 9:00 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.

Phone: 510-734-3655

Email: ronn123@comcast.net


Special Holiday Prices:

$59 for 60 minutes

$89 for 90 minutes


Incall appointments are at my residence in East Richmond Heights. Safe street parking available. Directions will be sent with your confirmation.


Cancellations no later than 24 hours please.


Professional, Safe and Secure

I only practice the most professional and safest techniques. All my massages are performed on a massage table. You will be securely draped with sheets in a quiet private room with relaxing music and candlelight. I prefer to use natural oils that absorb into the skin rather than lotions that tend to leave a sticky residue. All men and women are welcomed.
Note: Massage may not be suitable for clients with serious health conditions or injuries. I may ask you for a brief medical history before we begin your session.

Added Amenities:


Aromatherapy: Your massage oil can be infused with a pure essential oil to add a pleasant fragrance to your session. Stimulate your senses with Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Clove, or Lemon Grass oils.


Reflexology:  Is an alternative medicine involving the application of pressure to the feet with specific thumb, finger, and hand movements. It is based on the theory that the body is divided into a system of zones which are reflected on the soles of the feet, with the premise that massaging specific points will detect and correct imbalances within the body. I incorporate this ancient art of healing into all my sessions.



Introducing the Nikken Roll Out!  I use this specially designed tool to help relieve back pain. The MagCreator features magnetic technology which aids in chiropractic adjustment by rolling out and pressing muscles along the spine while eliminating shoulder and neck tension. Client is fully clothed and receives the work in a massage chair. Only $20 for 20 minutes!


Ron Naples CMT

Bio: I am a graduate of The National Holistic Institute. 5900 Hollis St. Emeryville, CA 94608 1-800-315-3552.  I am certified, licensed and insured.

I discovered the true healing power of massage after experiencing a serious neck injury. Today I teach clients how to prevent injury by using proper body mechanics. I also enlighten them on the physiological and emotional benefits of massage therapy.

My Philosophy:  For me, massage should be a journey - a total experience of the mind, body and soul. Clients come to me to alleviate joint and back pain, recover from injury, manage stress or relax. These are all intregal parts of receiving a massage. But why not take advantage of all that massage therapy has to offer? There are also aspects of spirituality when you receive body work too. Massage can put your mind in a higher state of consciousness; you'll have inner feelings of clarity associated with personal awareness and self discovery.  It's all about creating these revelations with my clients; awakening their senses and healing their bodies at the same time. After one of my sessions you'll feel less sore and rested but at the same time you'll feel rejuvenated with a joyful positive outlook.


Experience: For the last 12 years I have worked as an Independent Contractor for many of San Francisco's finest hotels: Adagio, Argonaut, Campton Place, Clift, Fairmont, Harbor Court, Hyatt, Kensington Park, Mark Hopkins, Marriot, Monaco, Palace, Palomar, Phoenix, Prescott, Ritz Carlton, Serrano, Sir Francis Drake, Stanford Court, Triton, Villa Florence and W Hotel.


I've also worked for Club One at the Nob Hill, Union Square and Oakland City Center locations.


I am currently working at M spa in the Castro District on the weekends. Please call the spa for my availability. M Spa 2187 Market Street, SF CA 94114  (415) 556-9100 www.mspasf.com

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Yelp Reviews...

"Finding a good massage therapist is like finding a psychologist or any other service professional: the two of you have to click. For me, Ron clicks. He's intuitive, he's professional, and he possesses that other dimension of true tranquility and caring that seems to evade a lot of other therapists. He has empathy for your body and soul."  Jeffrey H. San Francisco, CA

"I have been seeing Ron for massage for over a year now in his Richmond Hills location and it's quite clear that he has talent, experience and commitment to what he does from the massage that he gives. I find his technique of combining a variety of massage techniques and movements both unique and highly effective. Ron is professional, courteous, and friendly. He does an excellent massage with just the right amount of pressure from his great hands. I enjoy our conversations during the massage as well as the massage itself, which has helped my lower back pain issues and has left me feeling much more relaxed and pain free. I consider Ron to be my #1 massage therapist in the Greater SF Bay Area." Andrew A. Berkeley, CA


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